Not Just a t-shirt, but a keepsake!

DESIGNS MADE FROM RECYCLED BOTTLES! Causing less waste and reusing...

Our three-dimensional designed tee shirt allows children to explore and serve both for the tactile sense and learn about animals. 

We hope that our tee will spark awareness on their young impressionable minds.

Tees made in Los Angeles... providing quality and comfort for your kids.

Great for baby showers and birthday party's!



Precious Few On Earth is a Los Angeles based children's tee shirt line representing our most beloved creatures. Keeping conservation in mind we use recycled material.

Our appliques are made from recycled plastic bottles, causing less waste for our Oceans.

As your child wears a Precious Few On Earth tee shirt, we are all reminded to respect the wonderful animals we share this earth with and play our part in conservation!

You can find us in gift gallery's,cruise lines, National museum in D.C, wildlife sanctuary's and many other locations.

Linblad Expedition

Antarctic Collection: sold in the gift gallery's aboard Lindblad Expedition ships traveling to Antarctica, Alaska,Costa Rica, Polynesian Islands and more!

Children's Clothing with a Conscience

Made in Southern California


Sustainability and comfort

Applique made from recycled plastic bottles

Washer-dryer friendly

Animal tee available for Wholesale

Children's Clothing with a Conscience

Our Mission is to spark awareness! We protect what we love both land & sea!
We just want to save animals
Our sales and events raise funds for these non-profits
 A proceed is given toward  adopting an elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust operates an orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program.

People for the ethical treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization. 

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a non-profit, marine conservation organization based in San Juan Island ,Washington, in the United States.

SpecialGreat White shark

Family Business Based in Los Angeles 


I started out at the Hollywood Farmer's market, various events like DreamWorks bizarre, Manhattan beach hometown faire. I developed my line and it kept me in touch with what my buyers were seeking. Now at various gift stores, museums and children's stores. Follow my instagram #preciousfewonearth to find out my occasional pop-ups.